Friday, 30 October 2009

How can we fight against global warming?

Fight for America's Clean Energy Future!

Become a citizen co-sponsor of the Kerry-Boxer bill!

Let's not beat around the bush: you know as well as I do how urgent it is that we take action on climate change and build a clean energy economy right now. We can't wait; our economy can't wait for a new, clean energy future, and our planet can't wait to start cutting carbon pollution.

The Senate needs to hear from you. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power act and Barbara Boxer is moving it through the EPW Committee, but they need your voice added to theirs to give this legislation the momentum it needs.

So will you join Barbara Boxer and John Kerry as a citizen co-sponsor of our legislation? Please click here to add your name to show the Senate how important it is that we take action right now.

Clean Energy Economy Forum

John Kerry is meeting with Senators just about every day helping to find the path to 60 votes, but your voice can make a big difference. If they can demonstrate the size and scope of their movement demanding action, they can give energy and climate reform a tremendous push, and begin to tackle the enormous crisis of climate change.

Big Oil and the forces of the status quo will fight hard, so they need all of you pulling together to win this fight.
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